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South Florida

Professional Clown Service

Bella The Beautiful Clown serving South Florida since 1999. Bella brings fun, laughter and a lot of happy memories. Her silly antics, face painting and balloon art will make your party an unforgettable experience! Bella has warmed the hearts of many Performing at grand openings, fairs, church events birthday parties from age 1 to 101.




Clown, interactive shows with music, silly tricks and antics. Greetings and walk around, Photo ops, pocket tricks and gags, Fun for kids of all ages.

1 to 101!

Face Painter

Beautiful face painting, cheek art, arm painting, body painting, FX and Halloween, Team logos, dance groups. (My favorite part is when I show them their face in the mirror and their eyes light up0. Its warms heart.

Balloon Artist

Balloon artist, fun sculpturesI twisted for restaurants for over 10 years, balloon centerpieces, party favors, line work, candy cups, hats, wearables and more.

Silly interactive tricks

 Bella the beautiful Clown performs in front of a group of kids with music, interactive dancing, puppets, sing-along, audience participation, silly tricks, birthday child the star of the show! Photos welcome. 

30 minute visit with Balloon Birthday cake

30 minute visit with balloon birthday cake hat: 

I show up with a balloon Hat that looks like a birthday cake we sing happy birthday to the birthday person and parade around  out with music and do that conga, hot hot hot, bring the party to you need headcount  for number of party hats price per number of balloon hats, sculptures, candy cups or favors.

Balloon premade for parties

Pre-made balloons for parties, hats wearables animals and more paper balloon $25 minimum pick up or delivery, may be delivered to charge.

 Airbrush tattoos
Temporary tattoos water based, washes off with water. Fun for kids of all ages.


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